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Timing Is Critical With Stroke

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Yesterday I went over to the rehab cent at our local hospital to visit a friend.  A few weeks ago she suffered a stroke and it was a couple of hours before her daughter found her.  If she had been able to get assistance immediately, she would be in much better shape today.

My friend lives on the same property as her daughter in a separate dwelling.  She has a cell phone and always felt that she would be able to get help right away if she needed it.  I had talked to both my friend and her daughter about the medical alert button but they felt the extra expense wasn’t warranted.  Now my friend will spend the holidays in the rehab center instead of home with her family.

Affects of Heart Attack and Stroke

Heart attacks and strokes are one of the deadliest conditions in our society today.  A stroke will affect your brain, while a heart attack affects the heart.  In both conditions the causes and symptoms are very similar and have no warning signs before they happen.  The severity of the after affects of both conditions is greatly increased by time.

In the case of a heart attack, the longer the heart is stopped and not pumping blood, the faster the internal organs start to die.  With a stroke, the longer your brain has lost access to oxygen, the more likely the brain cells will be damaged beyond repair.  In both of these conditions, the longer it takes to get the medical assistance you need, the greater the chance of permanent damage.  Timing is critical.

As we mentioned, both of these conditions can happen without any advanced warning.  You do not have to have systems such as high blood pressure to fall victim to a stroke or heart attack. Eating healthy and getting exercise will help to decrease the probably that you will suffer from one of these situations but they do not completely eliminate the possibly of being a stroke or heart attack victim.

Recovery and survival is directly dependent on how quickly the patient acts to get help.  Statistics show the main cause of disability and even death stems from the time delay from the first signs of a problem and when the person sees a doctor.

For the best outcome, the time from the first symptom to the emergency room should be less than one hour.  New drugs have been developed than can stop strokes while they are in progress which reduces the damage caused by the stroke and can even save lives.  For these treatments to be effective, the drugs must be given immediately after the first symptoms of stroke or heart attack, preferably in the first 45 minutes.

Help Button For StrokeIn the case of my friend, it was three hours before she got the help she needed and the damage was already done to her brain.  This makes me wish I had been more adamant about her getting a medical alert button.

A medical alert button is worn around the neck or wrist and is there for you to receive help when you need it.  All my friend would have needed to do was to push the button and help would be on the way.  If you can’t talk, the operator will send medical assistance immediately.

Call us today to see how affordable a Life Aid system can be for you or a loved one.  Remember that you don’t get any advanced warning for a stroke.

Every minute is critical when you have experienced a heart attack or stroke.

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