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Aging in placeAging In Place Preferred Option

You may have read the article in Sunday’s paper that stated that although retirement communities offer great amenities, seniors today prefer to stay in their own home for as long as possible.  This is causing a new trend referred to as “aging in place.”   Beryl O’Connor says:

“I couldn’t just be around old people – that’s not my lifestyle.  I would go out of my mind.”

Many seniors are selecting the option for “aging in place” and prefer to grow old in their own home they have owned for a long period while at the same time remaining engaged in the community.  According to many surveys, aging in their own home is the overwhelming preference of Americans that are over 50.  Doing this successfully requires some planning.

Preparing Your Home for Aging In Place

There are precautions that need to be addressed for an older person to be safe in their home.  It is a good idea to contact a Certified Aging Specialists and have them go over your home and make suggestions for staying safe.  Handyman Myrtle Beach will gladly do an inspection of your home free of charge and give you an estimate on what it would take to make your home as safe as possible.  Aging in place may require rails in the bathroom, securing rugs, safety latches on cabinets and more.

Community Assistance Necessary

One of the problems with aging at home is that you are no longer able to drive.  Most communities offer services that will take you to your doctor, to the drug store to pick up prescriptions or other errands.  You will want to check with your local Chamber of Commerce for services in your area.

24/7 Call Assistance For Aging In Place Security

Many seniors who are opting to age in place are single and live alone or are alone for the major portion of the day.  As we age, we are more susceptible to falls and this is the major cause for long term health problems in seniors.  It is imperative that any senior that elects to live in their own home have a way to quickly and easily contact a neighbor, family member or the local emergency service.  Medical Alert Myrtle Beach provides this service in Horry County.  For less than $35 a month, you can live in your own home and know that help is only a “click of the button” away.

If you are a relative or neighbor of someone that has made the decision to “age in place,” you will want to research this program.  It will give you and your loved one the peace of mind to know that they will not be left alone in the event of a fall or other emergency.

Stay Involved

One of the major problems with “aging in place” is the feeling of isolation.  Many senior citizen organizations off mid-day meals where you can interact with others.  Most of these community organizations offer transportation to and from the center.  You will want to look into your local senior center to see what activities they have to offer.

Not only are retirement communities expensive, they can also take a senior away from the one place they feel comfortable – their home.  However, you also want to ensure that the one you love is active, living in a safe environment and can easily reach out in the event of an emergency.

“Aging in place” is a great alternative to a retirement community if you make the right preparations.

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