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Did you know that 25% of all annual nursing home and hospital admissions for people 65 years old and over were caused by the failure to take medications? Mismanagement of medications is the primary factor behind a hospital re-admission. Today nearly half of the senior population is taking over two medications each day and it is important to properly manage their medicine regimen.

Tips For Medication Management

  1. If you have a loved one that you are caring for, learn about their medicine.  Take the time to read the labels.  Make a note of any side effects and closely monitor your loved one when they first start taking the medication.
  2. Make a list of all medications– this includes both prescription and over-the-counter medication such as aspirin. Make notes on what time they are taken and any special instructions for taking the medication.  Many seniors go to more than one doctor.  Make sure that each doctor is fully aware of all the medications being taken.
  3. Practice using only one pharmacy for all of your medication needs.  This is one way to create a medication management system. By developing a relationship with the pharmacists, they can warn you of any interaction between your medications.  Always check with them before purchasing cold medications or other over-the-counter medicines as these may interact with prescription medications.
  4. Keep your prescriptions stored in a safe place that is out of the reach of pets or children. When ready the labels, not whether the prescription needs to be stored in a dry place or refrigerated.  If you have children or pets in the house, ask your pharmacists how safe this drug is if ingested accidentally.
  5. Use an organizer to divide your medications into easy to take dosages.  Our medication management system comes with a great organization system with easy to open compartments.

medication management doctorQuestions To Ask Your Doctor About Medication Management

  • Is there a generic equivalent for this medication?
  • How will taking this medication benefit my loved one?
  • What is the dosage your recommend should be taken?
  • Can my loved one take this medication on an empty stomach?
  • How long can I expect them to be on this medication?
  • What happens if a doze is not taken on time or missed completely?
  • Is there food or drink that will affect my loved one if they consume them in conjunction with this drug? Are there activities that need to be avoided?
  • Are there special instructions for storing the medication?
  • Can we setup automatic refills with our pharmacist?

Medical Alert Myrtle Beach now offers a medication management system.  This system will send reminders in the form of light, sound (beep) and phone calls if the medication is not taken at the prescribed interval.  This system gives you complete peace of mind that the medications prescribed for your loved one is being taken at the right time.

Give us a call today to see how our medication management system can help you care for your loved ones and give them the ability to stay independent in their home.

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