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The Best Options For Elderly Care

Senior CareSenior Care Options

Many families are at the point where the kids are grown and out of the house but now it is time to take care of your aging parents. Deciding on the best senior care for an aging parent takes time and effort.  There are many options and selecting the right option can be tricky.

Senior Care Options – Nursing Home

These facilities provide services such as skilled nursing.  Most nurses in these facilities are specifically trained to care for the elderly.  These facilities can be associated with a hospital, an assisted living facility or a standalone service.


  • As we mentioned, these facility have trained nurses who can provide round the clock assistance for your loved ones.
  • Your parent or loved one can meet others in their same age bracket and form a sense of community.  This helps to eliminate loneliness and relieves the pressure on family to be constantly attentive.
  • These facilities are regulated by law which helps to ensure the well-being and safety of your loved one.


  • Of all the alternatives we have listed, this one is the most expensive.
  • If your loved one is suffering from illnesses that restrict them to the bed, they are limited to interaction with others.  This can lead to a feeling of isolation because they are away from family and friends.
  • Taking them away from the familiar surroundings of their home will force your loved one to adjust to new living conditions and a new structure.  This can lead to confusion and frustration.

Senior Care Options – Assisted Living

This is a senior housing arrangement where health and personal care services are provided along with food and shelter.  These facilities require that a senior be able to live on a somewhat independent basis and not require around the clock assistance.


  • Living arrangements can be designed to meet your loved ones specific needs.  Married couples can share the same facility.
  • Although it is designed for those who do not need assistance 24/7, there is staff available at all times.
  • These facilities give the senior a sense of community as there are activities that encourage interaction.


  • Not all of these facilities provide meals which leaves you to provide the meal preparation,
  • Although they are supervised to an extent, there is not regular supervision of your loved one.

Senior Care Options – Adult Day Care Center

These facilities are not designed for residential living as the previously mentioned facilities.  They provide senior care and companionship during the day when most of the family members are working. They provide health and social services for attendees and the cost are usually less than a resident facility.


  • The staff is trained caregivers, usually with nursing degrees that specialize in aging care.
  • You can continue with your job or school and still feel good that your loved one is being cared for.
  • They usually offer several types of services such as health, social or therapeutic.  These can be matched to the specific needs of your loved one.


  • The senior may experience a feeling of being neglected or abandoned when they are dropped off each day at the center.
  • There may be situations where the individual needs of the senior cannot be met by a day care center.

Senior Care Options – In-Home Care

This is often the best choice for senior care.  Your loved one can stay in the home that they love and still get the care that they need.  This option allows you to closely monitor the care that is given to your loved one. This is often a short term solution when your loved one has returned home after surgery or other medical needs.


  • You can rest assured that your loved one is getting the very best of care from a quality provider.
  • You have the opportunity to build a relationship with your family member that would not be possible with the other options.
  • You eliminate the stress caused by removing your loved one from an environment with which they are familiar.


  • This can be more work for the care giver as it will require a certain amount of supervision.
  • This is not 24/7 care so the caregiver has more responsibility which can result in burn out or emotional struggles.

If you opt for in-home care, you will want to use a help button that can be activated in the case of an emergency.  This will give you peace of mind when you are not present to know there is help readily available.

Call us today for information on a help button system for use in conjunction with your in-home senior care.

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