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nursing homesWe have a lot to look forward to as we age and those golden days of retirement.  We might become grandparents and have the time to spoil our grandchildren when we no longer have the stress of a career and raising our own children.  Of course, this does not mean that we don’t have a whole new set of concerns.

One area of concern is our physical and mental condition as we age.  Finances can also be an area of concern as inflation takes a toll on our savings.  Then there is the concern for our children and grandchildren.  One concern that it is on the mind of many senior adults is that someday our children will decide to put us in a nursing home.

Fear of Nursing Homes

This fear of nursing homes goes back to a time when this was the only alternative for people who needed medical attention on a daily basis.  There was a time when the thought of going to a nursing home brought on the connotation of being put out to pasture and just waiting to die.

There is an associated fear that our children will somehow grow tired of caring for us and put us in a home for convenience and to get us out of the way.  Probably the biggest fear is loss of freedom and disassociation from family and friends.  As we age, personal relationships become even more important and the loss of contact is a real fear among seniors.

The fact that there is nursing home abuse reported in the press doesn’t give us a safe and secure feeling.  Yes, there are some abusers of the system, but nursing homes are regulated and for the most part are not as dreadful as people imagine.  This still does not help with that loss of freedom and association with those we love.

In today’s world there are alternatives that every caregiver needs to consider.  Within the past 10 years assisted living communities, senior apartments and assisted care facilities have cropped up all over the country.  These are a great alternative to nursing homes if you have the financial means to afford them.

Another alternative is to consider in-home assistance.  This does not necessarily mean that you need a nurse which can be costly.  Having someone come into the seniors’ home and take care of daily tasks such as cooking, laundry and cleaning, make sure they are taking their medication and spending time with them can be a great relief to the caregiver.  This allows the senior to enjoy the comforts of their own home, stay in contact with friends and be able to keep their beloved pets close to them.

One of the concerns of caregivers for loved ones that live alone is that they will fall and there won’t be anyone around to help them.  A medical alert system is a great alternative to just having a cell phone.  By simply pressing a button worn around the wrist or neck, the person has immediate access to help for any situation.

With a medical alert system, there are personnel standing by that can call a neighbor, the caregiver or emergency personnel depending on the severity of the need.  As a caregiver, or senior yourself, you don’t need to fear a situation where your loved one will be hours without help if it is needed.

By utilizing in-home care and a medical alert system a senior can enjoy their own home and not have the expense of nursing homes or assisted living.  Call us today for information about a medical alert program or for recommendation regarding other senior assistance programs.


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