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Explaining How A Medical Alert Button Work

Medical alert button might not be something you think of on a regular basis, but for seniors living alone, they can mean the difference between life and death. Having a medical alert button will mean that your elderly loved one can not only get help at the press of a medical alert buttonbutton, but also it gives the trained staff the instant medical background they need in order to send the right kind of help in the event of an emergency.

So Just How Does The Medical Alert Button Function? 

The way medical alert systems work is this: The patient wears a wireless transmitter device with a button on it either around their neck or on their wrist. When the button is activated, the device instantly calls the operations center where there is a loudspeaker and a highly sensitive microphone so that they can hear the patient talking or communicating the problem. These systems even come with the option of a passive alarm feature which can be set up so that the patient presses the button several times a day on a set routine, just to assure the call center staff that they are doing well. If too long a time passes and this action is not done, then they can either call the patient’s home, or next of kin to send someone to check on them. In the event of a medical emergency, the patient presses the button, which connects them to the call center, and they can dispatch the appropriate help in seconds.

The materials used in the medical alert system device are both lightweight and waterproof so that washing dishes or bathing can happen while the user is still wearing it. They run on batteries and will indicate when the batteries need to be changed. It can even alert the response team if the indicator light stays on so they can check into it and see to it that the batteries get changed out. Another fun feature nowadays is that the user can wear a chain or necklace of their choice with the device, rather than the cord that the device comes with.

With this kind of technology, elderly people are safer than ever while living at home. Most seniors hate the thought of having to spend their later years in life in some facility—they just want to live at home where they are comfortable in familiar surroundings. If you or a loved one is in this situation, please call us today so we can answer your questions and get you on the path to peace of mind!

It’s much better to have the medical alert button system in place ahead of time and be able to rest assured that your loved one will have the help they need at the touch of a button.

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