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Extra Uses For Medical Alert Devices

Medical Alert DeviceRemember the old commercial with the lady on the floor crying out “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” We’ve all seen it and it got a bit of a cult following. Well, we now know that what they were advertising was medical alert devices that could be worn by the patient and keep them from ever being without help at the press of a button. Whether they were home alone or not, they could always hit that panic button and be instantly connected to a call center that could dispatch the appropriate help in minutes. This was great news for the elderly, for loved ones with aging parents who worried about them and for people who just wanted to feel more independent.

Now technology has come a long way. This device still exists in many forms and has been improved many times over to include better and better features. Now, there is a telephone base in the user’s home where the staff of the call center can actually speak out loud to the patient without having to get on the phone. It also can sense if the person has taken a fall or just sat down abruptly. Pretty impressive! But there are even more uses for these fantastic devices these days. Consider just a few and you might find yourself ordering one for you and your loved ones!

The Extra Functions Of Medical Alert Devices

Intruders. What if you were home alone and heard someone walking around your home and your phone was nowhere near you. You could always go hide in a closet or bathroom and press your button on the medical alert system and it would then serve as a panic button. You would be able to make the call center aware of your emergency. If the staff talked to you through the speaker base in your home, it would probably scare off any intruder for fear that it’s the police.

Natural Disasters. If you were in a storm or flood and found yourself with no power, the wireless technology of the medical alert button would allow you to have access to the call center. Yet another great way these devices could save lives.

Domestic Abuse. The same idea applies here. If you were in harm’s way due to an abusive situation, the wireless button around your neck or on your wrist would allow you to use it as a panic button and get help.

These are just a few of the ways medical alert devices can be used. Modern technology has really made wireless devices so useful and they don’t depend on a person to run them. Even if the contract of your medical alert company states the reasons you are supposed to use your device, they would of course, be made aware of an emergency in the event that you needed help and would be able to get the help to you immediately. These would be the exceptions to the normal usage, but certainly provides ample proof to why they would be a great investment, no matter the age of the person.

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