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More people than ever before are using medical alert devices in their home for the peace of mind and security that they bring. If you have one, you likely have the pendant that can be worn around your neck with the button on it. But did you know that if it is not designed to break away easily, then it’s not totally safe? Whether you are young or old, if you have a medical alert device, it’s absolutely crucial that you have the breakaway design. Read on to discover why…


Function Over Fashion With Medical Alert Devices


It’s perfectly natural to be concerned with the look of a medical alert device or pendant, but above all else, you need to make sure that it does its job and keeps you as safe as possible. Now don’t get me wrong—there’s no reason you should have to have some bulky, ridiculous looking device, but the good news there is that medical alert devices today are sleeker and more inconspicuous than ever.


It’s a terrible thought, but there have been many stories of elderly people wearing a medical alert pendant and then falling while bathing, etc., only to get the pendant hung up or tangled, and then choking to death because it strangles them. This is why the breakaway design is so important.


Breakaway Necklaces


Most companies now offer medical alert pendants with a clear chain made from plastic that will easily pull away from the person if it’s ever caught on anything. The clear beads make it quite easy to hide and much less noticeable to the outside person. It may be tempting to replace that clear plastic beaded chain with a gold or silver one, resist the urge to do this. In this particular area, function does matter more than fashion! These chains are designed to keep the person wearing it safe above all else. The key is prevention and a breakaway medical alert necklace will help make sure you’re covered before anything can happen.


A Few More Tips


You should also make sure that you have the type of medical alert button that is waterproof. Many accidents for elderly people happen in the bathtub. This could be a fall or even a stroke or heart attack. If they are wearing the pendant, help is just a push of a button away. You can also get them with a fall detector. In this case, the call center would be able to tell if the person wearing the device has been jarred suddenly. With the intercom system that should be installed in your home along with your device, they could try contacting you and then send help if you don’t respond. This prevents you from having to actually get to a phone or other location in your house if an accident occurs.


Make sure you have a call center that is available around the clock, 365 days a year. Make sure they offer you a lockbox to go on the outside of your home in case emergency personnel need to get in. Medical alert devices absolutely save lives and allow seniors to remain in their homes as long as possible! Technology has truly made life better for many of our senior citizens, so make sure you get all you can from it and stay safer than ever before with these tips!

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