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Does Your Loved One Need A Medical Alert System?

Medical AlertBecause more and more elderly are deciding to live independently, a larger part of the population are considering investing in a medical alert system not only for themselves, but also for their aging parents. Today’s generation of baby boomers are becoming more intent on living an independent life instead of living under the constant care of caregivers.

As proven by the many happy and more content seniors living in retirement facilities everywhere, it is said that living independently revitalizes the elderly; thereby, playing an important role in allowing the elderly to live a longer and more satisfying life.

On the other hand, if it will be your aging parents’ first time to live alone, on their own and without a caregiver, you might want to consider getting medical alarms. These are designed to allow the user to easily and immediately contact a medical team to respond to any kind of health/medical emergency situations. Today’s medical alarms are in the form of jewelry or some form of handy tools that can fit any size pocket or purse. All of them, however, have an electric button that could easily be pressed by the user in case of emergencies to call the medical assistance team at once.

If you are still not sure whether your parents or loved ones need a medical alert device, here are some considerations to help you decide:

  • Not having a history of medical emergencies doesn’t mean a medical alarm is no longer needed.

Frequently experiencing falls, heart attacks, and other medical emergencies is not the only reason to get a medical alarm. There are other reasons for you to consider buying a medical alarm for your elderly loved one. It could be that the elderly has recently been in an emergency room or taking medications that may result in drowsiness or loss of balance.

  • Living alone is living alone.

Living alone is not always the same for everyone. While there are seniors who want to live alone without any aid, there are those who would opt to have someone living with them to attend to their needs and help them with their daily chores.

If your loved one is living with an aid, medical alert systems might no longer be needed. Despite this, you should also consider how much time the aid spends with your loved one. Is the aid beside your parent or grandparent at all times? Does the aid sleep in the same room or in a nearby room? Keep in mind that accidents can happen anytime.

  • Medical alarms should not prevent the elderly to live an active lifestyle.

If your aging loved one live an active lifestyle, they might not want to wear medical alarms as these can prevent them from spending more time outside their house and away from the alarm’s home base. Should this be the case, you need to look for alternative medical alarms to suit the kind of lifestyle your loved one wants to live. There are medical alarms designed for outside use allowing the seniors to live an active lifestyle without worries.

  • Medical alarm systems are not to replace traditional health care.

Keep in mind that medical alarms are tools to allow your elderly loved ones to connect with a medical team in cases of emergencies. It is not a tool designed to take care of your loved ones. If your purpose is to depend on these alarms to provide you with reports on how your loved ones are doing, then you should definitely opt out of this venture.

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