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Medical Alert Myrtle Beach Explains Complications Resulting From a Fall

Medical Alert Myrtle Beach Explains Complications Resulting From a Fall

Senior Hospital Medical AlertThe information in this post was produced by Michelle Acorn is a Nurse Practioner in Ontario, Canada. You can read more about Michelle at the end of the post by Medical Alert Myrtle Beach.

When an older person falls, you have a problem of epidemic proportions that will affect the senior person’s chances to live independently after the fall has taken place.  If you have a parent or know of an older person that is living alone or is alone for a good portion of the day, you need to be aware of the ramifications of a fall in the home.

Medical Alerts Resulting Complications From Lack Of Attendance After A Fall

In recent years, falls by older adults have become a problem that can prevent the senior from living independently after the fall.  According to National center for Injury Prevention and Control , one out of three people over the age of 65 will fall.  Approximately 50 percent of those folks cannot get back up after the fall and will remain fallen for an extended period of time.  This can lead to serious complications such as hypothermia, dehydration, pressure ulcers and even death.

Due to the aging process and lack of flexibility and stability, falls cannot be prevented, so the first action is to take steps to prevent falls.  This can be grab bars in the bathroom where falls often take place and making use of walking devices such as canes and walkers.  Handyman Myrtle Beach can assist you with grab bar installatiom.

The second step is to prevent or eliminate the length of time the person will be unattended after the fall has taken place.  This is the critical time that when shortened can prevent those serious health complications we mentioned earlier in this article which affect the quality of life and higher health care costs.

Medical Alert Myrtle Beach has a few suggestions:

  • Make sure there is someone who checks on the person on an hourly basis.  This should be someone that is close enough to come to check on the person quickly if they do not answer the phone.
  • Hire a person to stay with the parent or senior person during the times they need to be left unattended.
  • Contract with a medical alert monitoring company for a device that can be worn around the neck or wrist that can be pressed if the person falls and cannot get back up again.  This will give you the peace of mind knowing that help will be there in minutes just from the press of a button.

Here is a true story from Medical Alert Myrtle Beach:

We had a subscriber we will call Craig, that was a veteran and he was very self sufficient. However this one day he went into the garage to get something and fell. He pressed his help button and the neighbor came over to see what was wrong. Craig was bleeding and the neighbor told the service to call EMS. Craig was transported to the hospital and had to have a transfusion. If he did not have the PHB he may not have been around to tell us this story. Because he is a Veteran the rules have change and he now has to use another system. Unfortunately this system doesn’t have the monitoring person available 24/7.

With the advancements in modern medicine, we are all living longer.  However, we also want the quality of life to allow us to live to our full potential.  We want our independence and not be limited in our ability to remain self-sufficient.  A medical alert system provides the resources to allow older adults to remain in their homes and still feel safe in the case of a fall or other complication.

Michelle Acorn is a Nurse Practitioner in Ontario, Canada. Michelle has practiced for over 20 years and holds duel certification as a Primary Health Care and Adult Nurse Practitioner. She also holds a nursing certification in both emergency and geriatric care. For the past 5 years she has focused on caring for seniors and chronic disease management.

She is also involved in complex continuing care and long-term care delivery. Michelle was instrumental in the development of SAFE Clinic (Specialized Assessment of Frail Elderly) and is passionate about her current work at the organization led by inter-professional Nurse Practitioners.  Michele hold academic cross appointments at the University of Toronto and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. She is President elect for the Nurse Practitioner Association of Ontario who recently presented her with the Genrow Leadership Award for Nurse Practitioner of the year.

For more details on obtaining an medical alert button for you or your family member, contact Cathy with Emergency Partners at 843-236-8844. Your medical alert  life line for help.

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