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Questions To Ask When Choosing Medical Alert Systems

Myrte Beach Medical AlertWhen choosing a medical alert system, it is important to learn everything that you can about the device that you are buying to ensure that it is suitable to your needs. Aside from this, however, you also need to inspect and closely look at the manufacturer or the company selling the device. This is most importantly true for medical devices as you will most likely be working with the manufacturer and needing their help as you use and operate the medical device.

To help you assess the manufacturer of the medical alert device you are considering buying, here is a list of some questions to ask.

1. Could you provide a brief history of your company?

When it comes to medical devices, experience is essential and helps prove the capability and reliance of the manufacturer. Make sure you buy from a manufacturer that has been operating for several years in the industry.

Asking about their history will also give you an idea of their performance throughout the years. You will be able to tell whether or not they have experienced client complaints. Confirm this by doing a quick search about the company online and looking for any negative feedbacks posted or published about them.

2. What are your operating hours for customer service and technical support?

Having a medical alert device requires that you have instant access to the manufacturer’s customer service and technical support team. It is important that the manufacturer has a 24/7 customer support line since no one knows when you will need emergency assistance. So, aside from a 24-hour monitoring, the manufacturer should also have 24 hour support team for all types of customer related concerns or issues.

3. What types of certifications and licenses do you have for your medical devices?

It is also important that the device you are going to buy have the necessary licenses and certifications. More importantly, the device should be UL certified and passes safety standards. You should also make sure that the company offers free repairs and/or parts replacements as part of their warranty.

4. How often should I need to replace the batteries in the device’s help button?

Some devices have batteries that can last up to several years. Some only last for a couple months. Regardless of how long the device’s battery life is, you should ensure that you are informed of when to replace the battery. The manufacturer should have a system or process in place to inform you that you need to replace or charge the battery.

Make sure you are buying from the right manufacturer and that you will receive sufficient support from them regarding the use of the medical device, anytime you need their assistance.

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