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Medical Alert Systems And The Fear Of Falling

Medical Alert Myrtle BeachMedical alert systems have been proven time and again to help provide immediate medical assistance especially during emergencies. Many individuals and medical professionals agree that this small accessory has repeatedly prevented death and the detrimental side effects of many accidents including falls and strokes.

There have been reported incidences when the absence of a certain type of personal medical alarm system has caused an otherwise healthy individual to suffer severe health conditions for the rest of his or her life. Indeed, the consequences of not getting immediate medical assistance are life threatening.

The fear of falling

For younger people, falling is not something to be scared of. Although injury is inevitable every time one falls, the physical damage is not as destructive to the young as to the elderly. In fact, when one ages, falls that don’t result to direct and immediate injury could still be damaging to one’s physical and emotional health. The indirect consequences of even a simple fall take time to develop and, most often, symptoms and signs do not show early.

Among the primary reasons why people fear falling is not only because of the harmful side effects and consequences but also because of the frequency of falling incidents among the elderly. The National Institutes of Health reveals that more than one-third of all seniors aged 65 suffers at least one fall per year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on the other hand, reports that seniors comprised more than 2 million fall injuries in all of the reported emergencies in 2010.

Health experts and medical alert professionals believe that the primary reason for this is the high susceptibility of the elderly to falls, which is due to changes in their sight, hearing and muscle strength, balance, and coordination. Additionally, the current health conditions of the elderly also make them more vulnerable to falling. Reports reveal that seniors who experienced falls often already suffer from cardiovascular disease, pulmonary diseases, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

How medical alert systems prevent the dangers of falling

Although medical alarms do not literally prevent an elderly from falling, it serves a more critical role by ensuring emergency medical assistance will arrive at the push of a button. Among the many dangers of falling that these alarms help prevent include dehydration and blood loss if a person who fell did not receive help on time and decreased muscle strength and overall balance as a result of limited movements after falling.

If the user fell or experienced another type of health emergency, all he or she needs to do is push the button, which will automatically alert the service agent to contact emergency medical assistance to check on your location. The monitoring center will also call you pre-designated emergency contacts to inform them about your situation. The monitoring center operates 24 hours a day so you can be sure that you will receive help any time you need it.

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