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Top 5 Features Of A Modern Medical Alert Device

Medical Alert Myrtle BeachDifferent medical alert devices offer various features. Manufacturers of these amazing medical devices are continuously seeking and developing ways to further improve their products. And while all features are important and truly beneficial, there are certain ones that really stand out.

1. Discrete and waterproof

Seniors should not have to always be reminded to bring a medical device with them everywhere they go. This is why a medical alarm should be small in size that the elderly can wear them at all times. This also makes sure they wear and have their alarm on them at all times especially when there is an emergency. These devices should also be waterproof so seniors can wear them even when taking a shower or soaking in the tub. Keep in mind that most falls happen in the bathroom. Hence, this is where they should always have their alarm devices.

2. Monthly renewable contract

The best alarm should have a monthly contract to give users freedom to stop their contract without paying for a huge fine. Remember that this is likely the first time of seniors to use these medical alarm devices. Thus, giving them a trial period provides them time to adjust to the device and find out whether or not it suits them and their lifestyle. Consumers should always have the option to terminate a contract if they are not satisfied.

3. Light in weight

Aside from being small in size, a medical alert device should also be light in weight. Seniors are already weak. Do not put any more strain on them by having them bring or wear a heavy alarm on a daily basis and everywhere they go. Chances are a heavy alarm device would cause them to fall or trip. Otherwise, they won’t wear it all because of the extra weight they would have to endure.

4. Fall detection technology

If there’s an important technology that every medical alarm device should contain, that is the fall detection technology. Although this has been around the industry for a number of years already, manufacturers and developers have found it extremely difficult to perfect such a technology. The primary reason being that fall has wide and different definitions. Everyone falls each day in a different manner. And, of course, not all types of fall is an accident or results in an emergency medical situation. This is what fall detection technology should be able to master. It should be able to differentiate a dangerous fall from other types of fall.

5. Communication option

This is actually already present in many devices available in the market today. What this does is when the device is pressed by the user after finding him or herself in a medical emergency situation, the device will inform the emergency response team and have them go to the user’s place to provide assistance. Aside from this, the central operating system receiving your signal for assistance will also call one of your loved ones to inform them about your situation.

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