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What Is The Best Medical Alert System For You?

Medical Alert System Myrtle BeachThe need for high quality medical alert systems is continuously increasing due to the increasing number of fall accidents and deaths every year. According to recent reports, falls are the leading cause of injury-related visits to the emergency departments and that at least 9,500 deaths in a year in the elderly population are associated with falling. This indeed confirms that the seriousness of falls and the dangerous risks it can bring to one’s health increases as people age.

Fortunately, there are medical alert systems that can help lessen, if not completely prevent, the consequences of a fall accident. On the other hand, because there are lots of medical alarms and systems available on the market today, choosing the best one for your needs prove to be difficult and exhausting. To help you with this, you will need to learn about important factors to consider about the best system to use. Knowing which factors to consider will help you easily and quickly make an informed decision; thus, enabling you to use a medical alarm and protect yourself earlier.

What is a medical alarm system?

Before learning about the key factors of the best system, it will help if you know more about the medical alarm itself. According to experts, this alarm system works by summoning help to the user or wearer in the event of a health emergency, usually with the push of a button.

Basically, alarm systems consist of a wireless pendant or transmitter that can be worn by the elderly. This could then be activated in the event of a health emergency, i.e. after the wearer has fallen, by pushing the button on the pendant or transmitter. It will then send a message or notify the monitoring station that you summoned assistance and that you may be in danger. Responders and medical professionals will be notified and dispatched to go to your location, which can also be determined by the signal you sent.

Through the years, manufacturers have added different features to the standard alarm system. There are lots of other variations of medical alarm systems available in the market today. Although all of them are truly beneficial, only one can be suitable to your needs.

Key factors to consider when choosing the best medical alert system for you

Here are some factors that you can consider to easily determine which type of medical alarm is the most suitable for your needs.

1. Weight and size – Medical alarm devices are often worn around the neck or the wrist. It is important that you have it on your body at all times because you never know when you will need emergency medical assistance. However, if the device is too big or too heavy for you, you would then get tired of wearing it and start to remove it before going to bed. As a result, you wouldn’t easily get used to wearing it and will most likely not have it on you at the time that you need it.

Help yourself to get used to wearing a medical alert device by specifically choosing one that is the right size and weight for your body type and strength level. If you love wearing it or is not bothered or irritated when wearing it, chances are you wouldn’t take it off of you.

You can ask the manufacturer or the seller for a sample of their product that you can wear. Sample its weight and determine whether or not you are bothered by its presence on your neck or wrist.

2. Reliability – Another important factor to consider is the reliability of the manufacturer. Similarly to what is previously stated, the need for these devices are continuously increasing. Thus, there are lots of manufacturers coming out claiming to have the latest and the best features of the alarm device. Before instantly believing all the advertisements that you read and see, take time to research the background of the manufacturer or company.

Try searching the Internet for the company name and see if there is any negative feedback or issues associated with them. You can also look them up at Business Better Bureau. Aside from problems and issues, find out if they had recalls of their products within the past year.

3. Company experience – Aside from reliability, it also helps if you learn about the experience that company has regarding the use of medical alert systems. It is important that you buy from a company that has several years of experience producing medical alarm devices as this says a lot about their commitment and reliability.

4. Ease of use – Aside from being easy to wear, medical alarm devices should also be easy and comfortable to use. Most importantly, the device should not be able to present hindrances in your daily activities and chores. It should continue to run in the background without disrupting your daily life. These include showering and getting dressed. Keep in mind that the primary purpose for using such a medical device is to ensure your safety and to allow you to live independently without assistance from others knowing you’ll get help whenever you need it.

Aside from this, the device should also be easy to understand and operate. In some devices that require activation, the process for activating the device should be easy to explain or pass on to another member of the family.

5. Other helpful features – You might also want to include in your considerations other helpful features that may be unique to each brand of medical alarm systems. Some of the features that you might want to consider are auto alert option, which can automatically detect falls and send medical assistance should the elderly wearing it fail to activate the alarm and send a signal to the monitoring system.

Falling is not dangerous in itself. What makes it dangerous are the consequences of the fall, particularly the health disorders and deficiencies that may result from the fall. Don’t forget that falls can cause deaths among the elderly.

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