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Top Features Your Medical Alert System Should Have

Medical Alert Myrtle BeachManufacturers of medical alert systems continue to develop different features to further make their products more beneficial to the elderly. It is not only about gaining an edge in the industry competition but also ensuring the needs of the seniors are met. Users of these medical alarm systems have various needs and demands and the manufacturers are making sure they are fully satisfied.

Why do the elderly need medical alarms?

More and more seniors are looking to wear these “help buttons” because of the rising awareness about the severe consequences that a fall might bring. Falling is such a common incident in the elderly – even in adults and children – that many do not pay attention to how it will affect the individual’s physical health.

The elderly already has weak bones and a fall, such as a slip in the bathroom, may cause some bones to break. The problem becomes worse when the elderly is living alone and no one can quickly come to his or her aid when he or she falls because no one knows of the incident. Lying in a difficult position after falling or slipping for a long time could be detrimental to the elderly.

Also, statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 20%-30% of seniors who fall suffer injuries that require immediate medical treatment. Failure to provide the necessary immediate medical treatment may result in severe consequences to seniors, which could eventually lead to death.

Basic features of your medical alert system

Basically, the medical help button is lightweight and small to allow the seniors to wear them at all times without much difficulties. They are usually in the form of pendants to be worn as a necklace or a bracelet.

It is also very easy to use, again to make it more convenient for the elderly. There is a button that the elderly will push should they find their selves in a medical emergency. As soon as the button is pressed, it will send a notification to the control or call center, which will then dispatch a medical emergency team to the location of the elderly. Aside from this, some brands of medical alarms also include placing a call to the nearest family member of the elderly to inform them of the senior’s current condition.

Aside from these features however, there are other important features that a medical help button should have to provide more benefits to the user and his or her family.

Other important features of your medical alert system

  • Quick and easy installation – Some medical alarms come with a speaker phone and a base where the device will be charged. These additional equipment will need installation and set up that will be provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper installation. The manufacturer will also run a test to ensure everything is working efficiently and will leave instructions and guidelines to the elderly and a family member.
  • Waterproof – Because recent reports and statistics reveal that most falls happen in the bathroom, some manufacturers have made their help buttons waterproof. This will allow the user to wear their help buttons even when using the bathroom. In fact, they could safely not remove their medical alarms if they are waterproof. They can wear it anywhere; thus, giving them and their families the assurance that they are completely protected at all times.
  • Charging or replacing the batteries – Some medical alarms need to be charged so that it will continue to operate. Charging time has been significantly reduced over time to ensure that the elderly will spend less time without medical protection. Other brands use batteries to operate. The manufacturers inform the users and the family when the batteries to their medical alarms already need replacing.
  • Quick response team – Response team basically consists of the people in the control or call center who will make the call to the elderly to confirm his or her condition and be able to send the necessary medical emergency team. Other brands, however, no longer call the elderly and instead will dispatch the available and nearest medical emergency team to the location. This group of individuals will provide immediate medical assistance, assess the situation, and either call for back up or bring the elderly to the nearest hospital, depending on the emergency situation.
  • Maintenance – Maintenance should be little to non-existent to the users. Or if a medical alert really needs maintenance, it should be done by the senior’s family member. Recently, however, there are medical alarms that have a self-testing feature, which automatically runs a test to ensure an efficient performance.
  • Fall detection – There are falls which can render a senior immobile. In such cases, the elderly will not be able to or may have difficulties reaching the help button. As a result, the help button will not be pressed and medical assistance will not arrive on time. Manufacturers have solved this problem by including a fall detection feature to their devices. With this feature, the medical alarm has the ability to detect a fall and if the help button is not pressed on time, it will automatically send notification to the control center, which, in turn, will send in a medical response team to the location.
  • Promptness of the control center – It is important that the control center is located in a convenient location and employs people who work 24/7. Keep in mind that a fall may happen any time of the day or night. Thus, it is important that a personnel is on the lookout for any medical needs from their users all throughout the day and night.
  • GPS tracking feature – If an elderly is always on the go, he or she is at high risk of falling outside their homes. Thus, should they need emergency medical assistance, they might not be able to receive it on time because the response team may have difficulties pinpointing their location. This is why some manufacturers have developed a special medical alert system for seniors who are always on the go. This medical alarm features a GPS tracking system to allow the control center and the response team to easily find the senior’s location – and provide immediate medical assistance – should he or she need it while outside their homes.

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