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Medical Alert Systems And Seniors Living Alone

Medical Alert Systems Myrtle BeachMedical alert systems are primarily developed to benefit the elderly, particularly those who are living alone. And because of the continued awareness on the importance of these medical alarms, more and more families are considering the purchase for their elderly loved ones.

What do medical alert systems do?

Basically, what these medical alarms do is connect the user with quick emergency medical assistance whenever they need it. The user pushes the alarm button which transmits a signal to the device’s control center. A monitoring agent who receives the signal identifies the user’s location and notifies the nearest medical team to come to the location.

Because the needs of the elderly vary per individual, manufacturers of these medical alarm devices have continuously updated their products to include more features and their process of sending help to further benefit the elderly and more effectively prevent the severe consequences of their medical emergency. The primary principle, however, is to send the right type of medical emergency assistance to the user’s location at the shortest time possible. Some other medical alarm systems also notify the user’s immediate family about the recent call for medical emergency assistance.

Why do people need medical alert devices?

More and more of the elderly want to spend their retirement years living independently and with minimal assistance from a care giver or house helper. There would not be any complications if the elderly is in a very great health condition, physically and mentally. On the other hand, that is not often the case.

This is why they would need to be watched over 24 hours a day. Should they find themselves in a difficult situation, compromising their health and safety, there would be someone to call for immediate assistance. On the other hand, this abolishes their goal of living alone and independently. To work around this, experts have manufactured a helpful device to be work by the elderly at all times. If they find themselves in a difficult location, they can simply push the button and help will be on its way.

These medical emergencies can be anywhere from falling in an awkward position, slipping in the bathroom while taking a shower to experiencing stroke or heart attack. These emergencies could leave the elderly with severe injuries and medical condition if medical assistance will not arrive on time. Sometimes, the elderly may even find him or herself in a situation that has high risk for death at which point they would need immediate medical assistance.

And with the growing awareness of how deadly a simple fall or slip is more seniors are investing on medical alert systems. Reports and studies have proven that falling and slipping are the most common accident that seniors can get into inside their homes. Even when their homes are highly proofed to prevent these types of accidents from happening, it could still happen. This is why seniors and their families have learned to rely on medical alarm devices.

The technology behind these medical alarms

When they were first introduced, medical alarms were worn around the neck as a necklace. It works in the same process as with most of the medical alarms available today. On the other hand, a lot of technological advancements have been made to further improve their performance in preventing falls and other deadly or severe injuries.

Aside from medical alarms that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet, some systems also include devices that will be installed throughout the senior’s house, specifically in rooms and areas where accidents are likely to happen – such as the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Some other mounted medical alarms also include two-way voice communication option to allow the seniors to speak with a call center agent to provide information about his location and condition; thereby helping the agent to send in the right and suitable medical emergency response team. Of course this only works during situations when the elderly could still move his or her body and talk.

Another great improvement is medical alarms that are built with motion sensors. These devices are developed to smartly detect a fall and automatically send a signal to the control center. Thus, during fall or slip accidents when the seniors are rendered immobile, help could still arrive on time.

Criteria to consider when buying medical alert systems

There are several factors you will need to consider when buying medical alarms. To ensure you or your loved has utmost protection; your medical alarms should have most of these features:

1. Suitable for easy and convenient use by elderly with disabilities. Not all seniors can use both of their hands as efficiently as when they were younger. This is why they would greatly benefit from using medical alarms that can be activated using one hand only.

2. Has the option to be worn as a bracelet. Medical alarms that are worn as necklaces provide great risk for strangulation with the cord dangling around their neck. Wearing the device as a bracelet seems a safer and more convenient idea.

3. Includes devices that can be installed on walls throughout the house. This helps ensure that the elderly is connected to medical professionals or call center agents who monitors their condition and situation 24 hours in a day.

4. Has its own monitoring and call center to ensure immediate assistance is dispatched and sent to the individual’s home. It is also important that the company or manufacturer employ trained operators who can effectively and easily identify the user’s current condition without asking too many questions and seeking too many information.

5. Has long range reach for the medical alarm devices, especially if the device is attached or linked to a base unit. This will allow the user to efficiently contact the call center anytime and anywhere the elderly might need it. Again, you can never be too sure when and where an elderly loved one can accidentally fall or slip. Thus, it helps if the elderly can reach the control center as quickly as possible.

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