Medical Alert Myrtle Beach
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Medical Alert Myrtle Beach Gives Peace of Mind

Medical Alert peace of mind

Medical Alert Myrtle Beach Gives Peace of Mind

Medical Alert programs such as Emergency Partner Systems provide a peace of mind for the user of the system and their families. Here is what recently happened with one of my clients:

I received a call from a lady that she had just come back from her cruise and her son has been after her to get a Personal help system. She stated that she really did not need this but since her son insisted she would give it a try. She lives in a two story condo and did have an asthma problem always worse at different times of the year. One week after the install, I got a notice that she had pressed her help button but was unable to speak, the monitoring people called for EMS immediately and she was rushed to the hospital. She was in ICU, she remained there for 1 week then was transitioned to intermediate care. After that it was rehab for 3 months. This lady would not have returned home if she did not have the help she received so quickly. Her son would have to say goodbye to her another way. Now she will not take off her personal help button (PHB).

Americans first became aware of Medial alert systems or PHB in the 1980’s due to a television commercial where an elderly woman breathing the now famous words “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” after losing her balance and falling.

Emergency Partner Systems has a device that is worn around the neck or as a bracelet that acts as a medical alert. This device needs to be within 300 feet of the base unit which in most cases covers the entire home and immediate outside area. When an emergency occurs and a phone is out of reach, the wearer simply presses a button on the device and a signal is sent from the base unit to a central monitoring location. Someone then contacts the wearer of the pendant to determine the nature of the emergency and what type of response is needed.

Many people without an understanding of the system assume that emergency personnel are always called. In many instances a call can be made to a neighbor or care taker to simply come over and help the person back into their home or into a comfortable chair. Of course, if the responder determines that emergency service is needed, they are dispatched immediately.

Unfortunately, convincing an older adult that the medical alert system is an aid not a deterrent to their freedom can be difficult. If you are an older adult and either live alone or are alone for extended periods of time, think about the peace of mind you are providing for your loved ones by using this service. Studies have shown that using the alert system can actually improve your independence – as referred to by the story at the beginning of this article – by saving you from extended injuries.

Medical Alert Myrtle  Beach Suggests you take a look at a few facts:

Did you know that 60% of visits to the emergency room by people over 65 are the result of a fall around the home? This is according to the Consumer Product Safety Council.

Did you know that 30% of all persons over the age of 65 fall every year? This is according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

How about this – the mortality rate is 5 times higher for someone who is unattended for several hours after a fall versus those who receive immediate help. New England Journal of Medicine.

Give your family peace of mind and reduce the amount of time you could potentially spend in the hospital by looking into a medical alert system. The New England Journal of Medicine study showed that patients that used a PHB had fewer and shorter stays at the hospital. This increases your independence and your life span.

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