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Medical Alert Button And Other Features Of Medical Alarms

Medical Alert ButtonOne of the most important features of a medical alarm is the medical alert button. This is because it is often considered as a precious lifeline for a senior who has fallen into an accident that renders him immobile where the senior is not able to easily reach the phone and call for help.

This would not be a problem, however, with a convenient medical alert button. All an elderly person has to do is push the button and help will soon arrive. There are different ways a button can be integrated in each type of medical alert system.

• Location – A medical alarm button is often placed conveniently at the center of a medical alert device – whether it is a necklace pendant or bracelet. It is also often big and distinctive enough to make it easier for an elderly to locate and press it in case of an emergency.

• Function – The primary function of a medical alert button is to inform a medical team or family member about the emergency that the elderly has fallen into. There are different ways this is done. Some brands automatically send the nearest available medical team to the location of the elderly. Others, however, directs the call for help to the manufacturer’s call center, which will find out the location of the elderly and inform the person or medical response team identified by the elderly to come to his aid in case of an emergency.

It is important that a loved one learn about the specific functions the medical alarm system provides for them before purchasing and signing an agreement. Professionals at Fountain Global Solutions, Inc. can provide you with all the information that you need to learn about the functions of medical alarm systems that you are considering purchasing.

• Additions – Different brands of medical alarm devices have different additions to their medical buttons. Some buttons are remotely linked with a speaker phone that has been installed in the senior’s home. As soon as the elderly pushes the button, it prompts the speaker phone to call the either a family member or a medical response team. The elderly will be asked to input several telephone numbers in the speaker phone that will be automatically called when the button is pushed.

Other types of medical alert systems have a built in speaker directly on the alarm device to ensure that the elderly will be able to hear and talk to the person called by the system when the alarm button is pushed. This makes it easy for them to coordinate and for the person, especially if he is a medical professional, to calm the senior while a medical team is being dispatched to his location.

Other important features of a medical alert system

Aside from the medical alert button, other features of the medial alarm system include the following:

• Small and waterproof – It is important that a senior feels comfortable wearing the medical alarm device. Otherwise, they will not want to wear it. Plus, considering that most fall accidents happen in the bathroom or anywhere that is slippery, it is essential that a medical alarm is water resistant so it will still work even when submerged or spilled in water.

• Lightweight – Some seniors are still adamant with regard to wearing medical alert devices. Thus, to further motivate them to wear and keep the device on their wrists or necks, these devices should be lightweight. Most manufacturers today have further improved their medical alert button and devices to be more fashionable and sporty. This makes the seniors want to wear and, possibly not take off, their medical alarm devices.

• Contracts and agreement – When purchasing medical alert systems, the manufacturers often ask the seniors or their family members to sign a contract and agreement for their services, particularly the monitoring and call center services. These should not bind the senior in a long-term agreement and it should allow the seniors to opt out of the agreement should they feel dissatisfied with the services.

• Fall detection technology – Some falls may injure the senior badly, putting him out for a long time and, thus, would not be able to push the medical alert button to ask for help. In these situations, a fall detection feature in a medical alarm device becomes very important. This feature, after detecting a fall, will automatically set off the medical alarm device even if the elderly was not able to push the button. This feature, however, is still being fine tuned by many manufacturers to successfully and efficiently detect real injury-inducing falls.

When purchasing a medical alarm device, it is important for a senior and his loved ones to closely look at each of the available options for them. What is important is that the senior feels comfortable and happy with the device that he will want to wear it and keep it on.

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