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Why Is Exercise An Important Aspect of Senior Care?

Senior Care Myrtle BeachMany senior care professionals are recommending including exercise in the daily or weekly routines of aging individuals. Exercise is important not only for the elderly but also for everyone regardless of age. If you want to live a healthier life, you need to include exercise in your daily activities.

For the elderly, the benefits of exercising go beyond living a healthier life and becoming more fit.

1. Stress management – Integrating senior care with exercise can help the elderly manage stress better. As a result, their moods greatly improve, which effectively helps in reducing depression. It does not have to be a complete and extensive workout routine. Simple and regular physical activity is enough to benefit the health of seniors.

And because the elderly are in a great mood and no longer feels stress or depression, they are able to better maintain cognitive function including moving quickly but steadily. Additionally, seniors who regularly exercise are found to be able to plan their own activities and maintain their daily regimes.

2. Better sleep – Having sleepless nights and sleeping less is common among the elderly. On the other hand, those who have been doing regular exercises have been found to sleep better and more deeply. As a result, they feel better and more relaxed throughout the day. Sleep is no longer a problem when one is doing regular exercises.

3. Disease prevention – According to many senior care professionals, regular and daily exercises help prevent diseases and disabilities from developing or getting worse. In fact, exercise is now included as part of treatment processes including those used for chronic conditions. These basically include diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, balance problems, heart disease and walking disabilities.

4. Weight maintenance – This is extremely important for those elderly who have problems maintaining their weight. As they grow older, it becomes difficult to lose weight and easier to gain pounds, which is not good considering being overweight is associated with many disabilities and diseases. Regular exercising, on the other hand, helps the elderly increase their metabolism allowing them to easily burn off calories. It also helps them build muscle mass and makes them stronger and able to perform many tasks that they would normally need help with.

5. Increased speed and physical performance – Similarly with any individual doing regular exercise, seniors also develop increased speed and physical performance. These are especially useful for them as they no longer feel limited on the tasks that they can do and to places that they can visit.

6. Improved overall balance – Falling and the resulting injuries and traumas are one of the top problems the senior care industry is continuously battling with. The elderly are prone to falling and tripping because of balance problems. On the other hand, experts found out that through regular exercise, many seniors have improved their overall balance. Not only did exercising reduce their risk of falling, but it also helped make seniors more confident in staying on their toes and moving steadily.

Include exercise in every senior’s daily routines. Give Fountain Global Solutions a call if falling or the threat of falling is an ever present fear. We can help give you peace of mind that someone will be there to help.

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