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As we grow older one of the biggest threats to our dignity is losing our independence.  You may lose your driver’s license, your children hover you like you are the child and then they want to remove you from the home that you have taken years to own free and clear and make uniquely your own.  One way to put your children’s minds at ease is with a medical alert system.

Here is how a medical alert system works

Medical Alert ButtonYou go about your daily routine and simply wear a button on a necklace or around your wrist.  If this button is worn all the time, you don’t need to wonder where it is, if you will be able to get to a phone in an emergency or if you will forget a phone number in a time of panic.

You can work in your garden, take your dog out in the yard, take a shower or any of the many things that you enjoy.

Medial Alert SpecialistsIn the event that you fall or some other mishap takes place, you simply press the button at your neck or wrist.  A personal care specialist will be on the phone with your immediately to access the situation.  These are not people responding to burglar alarms and fires – they are dedicated to helping our clients with their immediate needs.  They will stay on the line with you until the situation has been accessed, referred and monitor you during the entire process.

Medical Alert HelpHelp is then sent to you – based on your preferences! This could be calling a neighbor, your son or daughter or a close friend.  If the Medical Alert Specialists determines that emergency personal are necessary, they will call the closest ambulance agency.  Don’t feel that you have to have a major catastrophe to push the button.  Maybe your dog has you tangled up in their leash and you simply need to neighbor to come over and help you get up.  Or maybe you have slipped in the shower and you want your daughter to come to your assistance and help you with a minor cut or scrape.  The medical alert system is here for all of these instances.  You simply tell the responder the situation and how you want it handled.

Your Medical Alert System

Your Medical Alert System






We are happy to offer monthly, quarterly and annual plans for your convenience:

Monthly fee $32.95
Quarterly payment- 29.95 per month=$89.95
Annual payment- $28.95 per month = $347.40

Install fee waived if within a 50 radius of Myrtle Beach or if installing by self.
$25.00 install fee if outside the 50 mile radius.

Testimonies and Stories About Medical Alert Systems

I received a call from a lady that she had just come back from her cruise and her son has been after her to get a medical alert help system. She stated that she really did not need this but since her son insisted she would give it a try. She live in a two story condo and did have an asthma problem always worse at different times of the year.  One week after the install, I got a notice that she has pressed her help button but was unable to speak, the monitoring people called for EMS immediately and she was rushed to the hospital. She was now in ICU, she remained there for 1 week then was transitioned to intermediate care. After that it was rehab for 3 months. This lady would not have returned home if she did not have the help she received so quickly. Her son would have to say goodbye to her another way. Now she will not take off her  PHB ( personal help button) .

Another subscriber called the service at  2 am in the morning to request that they call his son to come over to his home ASAP. when the son arrived the dad had dropped his remote control and could not reach it. Now this in itself sounds silly, but what I did not say at the beginning was the dad was bound to the bed until someone helped him out in the morning and the tv was his escape through the night.

This I felt was a tender story about a subscriber we will call Sue. She has been a widow for many years and a feisty gal at that. One evening she fell asleep on her easy chair. When she awoke she did not understand where she was and felt a little panicky. She pressed her help button and a monitor name “Oliver” answered her call. She explained that she felt uneasy and other that that was ok. so ‘Oliver” just talked calmly to her until  she felt more at ease. Within 2 minutes Sue was feeing better and thanked Oliver for his time. He had ensured her that if she felt that way again to call.  She said his voice was so calming and caring. That was all she talked about for a long time afterwards.

We had a subscriber we will call Craig, that was a veteran and he was very self sufficient. However this one day he went into the garage to get something and fell. He pressed his help button and the neighbor came over to see what was wrong. Craig was bleeding and the neighbor told the service to call EMS. Craig was transported to the hospital and had to have a transfusion. If he did not have the Medical Alert System he may not have been around to tell us this story. Because he is a Veteran the rules have change and he now has to use another system. Unfortunately this system doesn’t have the monitoring person available 24/7.

We even had one subscriber press his help medical alert button and asked where his wife was and that she did not prepare his dinner. They called the wife’s cell phone and she was in the kitchen and his dinner was on the table waiting for him!

I had seen a news cast where a senior gentleman was at home and there was an excaped prisoner on the loose. unfortunalty for him the prisoner chose his home to hide in. The Senior pressed his PHB and got help. he didi not have to fight with the prisoner but did take him by surprise with the PHB call.

All calls to the monitoring service are taped so that the is never a doubt as to what has transpired when a subscriber presses for help.

Give Cathy a call today for your own medical alert system and give your family peace of mind.

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