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Medication Management

Medication Management

A Close Look At Medication Management

If you are a care giver or have elderly parents then you know that one of the biggest challenges you face is managing your loved one’s medications.  Either the person forgets to take their medication or they take it more often than prescribed.  You may have had to closely monitor their medication to make sure they are taking the prescribed dosages at the appropriate time.  This can be difficult if you are not with your loved one on a regular basis.

Advantages of a Medication Management System

With the new child proof caps on many prescription bottles, it is almost impossible for an older person to open the medications.  As a care giver, you probably set out the meds for your loved one to take at an appropriate time.  A medication management system can help by having easy to open containers with the appropriate amount of medication.

In many instances a person may need to take more medication than they can handle at one time. With a medication management system you can allocate the medications over a longer period of time.

The most common problem for care givers is confusion of the loved one as to when to take their medication and at what time. Medication management systems can eliminate the confusion with a simply alarm system.

How Does A Medication Management System Work?

The system can be setup by the caregiver, the person taking the medication or directly online.  The medication is placed in easy to open compartments that are labeled for each day and time of day.

Reminders are set to remind your loved one to take their medications. A light comes on initially when it is time to take the medication.  If the light is ignored, then sound is made to remind the person to take their medication.  If the light and sound are ignored, a phone call is placed to your loved one to remind them to take their medication.

In addition, you can elect to receive a phone call or text if the medications have not been taken.  You will always know if the prescribed medication be taken and at what time.

A weekly compliance report is created for their doctor to review.  You also have web access to information about missed or late dosages.  Have questions? We provide 24 hours customer support.

Just think, you can extend the time your loved one can stay independent in their own home and not have to worry about them remembering to take their medication, taking it at the wrong time or taking medication too often.  Our medication management system is just one more service that gives you peace of mind.

This extremely affordable system is available through LifeAid Medical Alert Services.  Give us a call today at 843-236-8844.  We would love to show you how this medication management systems works.

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